Now, everybody wants to be successful in life. You too want to be successful in what you do and eventually be happy.
Right from the start, it is important to recognize the fact that, you are the most powerful influencer of your Success in your life. Many people think the government, employer, boss, spouse, parent, friends, etc are the big influencers. No, they are not. God has already done His part in a big way, He has given you life, unique talent, health and most of all, He has given you BRAINS! Now, the ball is on your court, you need to do your part.

The most important person in this world in as far as your happiness and success is concerned is YOU! The following SIX principals will make you successful beyond imagination! When you practice these principles, People will call you lucky, blessed and favored. They will see your great achievements and really wonder how you achieved all that Success. They will want to learn from you!

Principal Number 1 – Believe you are in this world for a Purpose not by Chance!

To achieve great Success in your life, you must learn to love yourself and appreciate that you are not around just to pass time or as a secondary citizen. You are highly important and that’s why you are alive today. Many people find it easy to trust and respect other people but find it hard to trust and respect themselves.

You MUST Trust yourself! Believe in yourself! Love yourself! Have High Opinion of yourself! Others will have no choice but to agree with you. Recognize that, you are the BOSS! So, believe in yourself even if nobody else does!

Principal Number 2 – Get on the Driver’s Seat of Your Life!

Having recognized you are here on a mission, it’s now time to get your engine started towards your destiny. Others may help you get to your destiny, but you must be the master driver! You must determine your destiny, your direction, the speed and just get moving! Don’t wait till conditions are perfect! Don’t wait till you have all the funds, Don’t wait for everybody’s approval. The mission gets perfected and clearer as you travel. So get started now! Just ensure you are on the right direction!
And how do you get started in the right Direction? That takes us to Principle Number 3.

Principal Number 3 – Identify one thing you are Extremely Passionate and good at.

This is Something you Really Enjoy Doing! It could be Teaching, Helping, Building, Acting, Engineering, Accounting, Fabrication, Speaking, Farming, Football, Driving, Organizing… or anything! That activity you do and feel very happy doing it and very fulfilled at completion.

Once you find it, then think of how it can become your full time engagement, making you really happy when you do and making you profit at the same time. If you need help on this, feel free to seek the help of an expert near you. At Better People Consulting, We could help if you need assistance to develop your passion idea to career or business. It is very important to know what makes you tick, that which gives you joy and fulfillment! After you locate your genius, which is your area of strength, you are now ready to apply principal number 4.

Principal Number 4 – Write down a SMART Plan on how turn your PASSION to Profit.

This is a critical component of Success that many people ignore. Please do not ignore the Planning element. This is where you generate SMART Objectives and Strategies to help you achieve your DESTINY!
For instance you could set SHARPENING of your SKILLS as one objective towards your destiny to become a Leading Farmer in Kenya. The strategies to achieve skill sharpening objective could be taking a farm Management course and setting funds aside to execute the strategy.

In pursuit of your Destiny, you must be ready to invest time, energy, funds and whatever else it will take to ACHIEVE your GOAL, for as long as it is legal and Ethical. So, develop a SMART Plan to help you reach your goal. This means that, the PLAN has to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound). Upon developing a plan, next you need to execute the plan. Leading us to Principal 5.

Principal Number 5 – Make sure you EXCECUTE the planned activities to completion.

EXECUTION is the miracle of getting your achievement done. So many people have great ideas and plans in place, but they NEVER get to EXECUTE them! Great ideas and Excellent Plans will not achieve anything unless DONE as per Plan!

You must avoid the pitfall of doing too many things and fail to do the IMPORTANT things. Meeting all objectives set, strategy by strategy is what will propel you to your BIG ACHIEVEMENTS! You will FACE discouragements in the process; you must not get discouraged, you will be fatigued and want to stop, DO NOT QUIT! You may adjust navigation, but NEVER QUIT!

You know what? Human beings really get happy when they make progress. So as you achieve small strategies and objectives, you will feel very happy. This will boost your self-worth, self-esteem resulting in amazing energy to push forward. The more you do the small tasks with excellence, the more the big GOAL of LIFE will be achieved.

And before you know it, you will have performed the SUCCESS miracle of your life! YOU are a MIRACLE WORKER! Ensure to perform your own miracles! People will then look at you and call you Blessed or Lucky, just that they don’t know the pain and struggle you went through working out your plan and strategies. It’s both SMART and HARD WORK!
So, make sure you execute your plan to the END! After Execution is Principal number 6.

Principal Number 6 – Apply Continuous Improvement on Daily Basis!

Excellence is doing what you did yesterday a little bit better today! Continuous IMPROVEMENT is one of the best ways to edge out your competition in what you do. While others stop at EXECUTION, you must go the extra mile to perfect your ideas, products, styles and execution. This way, you will always be ahead of the pack!

You just learnt how to develop a plan that will make you succeed more than anybody could expect. You too will be surprised at what you can achieve!

So, Do You want to SUCCEED in life, become anything you want and achieve anything you want? Get stated TODAY and actualize the six principals we just discussed! It is not easy I know, but it is possible!

My Warning to you! Only a small number of people watching this video will follow through on these six principals! That is why only a few people will succeed in achieving their dreams in life. Ensure to be in the small group of successful people. Go the EXTRA MILE.

Remember, there is no traffic Jam after the EXTRA MILE


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