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Currently, there exist very few programs which educate on parenting. Most of the young parents heavily rely on what they picked in their homes during their upbringing and that of their younger siblings if any. They are also heavily influenced by the internet and friends who give differing pieces of advice. Usually, this is the first point of conflict between husbands and wives.

At Better People Consulting, we know that Parenting is the Noblest Duty of Humans. In fact it is the very Foundation for Human Development. We Train/Coach Parents to take charge of their lives in order to Nurture their Children throughout their lives and more particularly during the pre-school years.

Our Program: 

10 Important Lessons Every Young Parent Must Learn To Avoid Suffering Now and in Future: Guaranteed Results or 100% Refund: Home Background Notwithstanding. 

The overall objective is to ensure that:

  1. Parents are able to appreciate the significance of parenting and assume the role purposefully.
  2. Parents bring up pre-scholars who are loving, trusting, autonomous and with proper sexual orientation.

Topics covered are:


Lesson 1: Self Knowledge for effective parenting. 

Lesson 2: Foundational FACTS that every parent must know.

Lesson 3: Parenting styles & purposeful parenting.

Lesson 4: The eight stages of human development

Lesson 5: Six mistakes that every parent must avoid. 

Lesson 6: Preparing your child for career success.

Lesson 7: Teaching your children about money

Lesson 8: Securing your child’s sexuality.

Lesson 9: Child personality and parenting

Lesson 10: Preparing your child for world’s unlimited possibilities.

Self & Business Transformation - Effective Parenting

SBT Parenting