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School introduces new dynamics to the life of a child and especially competition both in curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

In curricular activities, the positions at the top are coveted and attract very stiff competition. A similar scenario plays out in the extra-curricular activities. Elitism thus sets in. 

This contributes immensely to the self-esteem of the learners.

Our Program: 

10 Important Lessons Every Pre-teen and Teen Must Learn To Avoid Teenage Confusion: 

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The overall objective is to ensure that:

  1. Every learner becomes accurately self-aware.
  2. Every learner becomes aware of the various career paths that they can take.
  3. Every learner becomes aware and appreciates the various biological changes taking place in the body.

Topics we cover are:

(Youth of Honor) 

Lesson 1: My Being – the ultimate self-discovery

Lesson 2: My Purpose – the reason for existence

Lesson 3: My Family – the safe and belonging space.

Lesson 4: My Relations – me and others

Lesson 5: My Sexuality – firmly in control

Lesson 6: My Career – the course of my life

Lesson 7: My Wealth – managing my resources

Lesson 8: My Life Armor – the life conquest skills

Lesson 9: My Country – my home, my pride, my loyalty

Lesson 10: My World – the unlimited possibilities

Self & Business Transformation Youth - Responsible Youth!

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