I came to know Better People Consulting through attending their very insightful talks. I made a resolution to join Self and Business Transformation program after attending an SBT graduation ceremony. Before I joined the class, I felt a void in my life and age was catching up. But when I joined the class, I got to learn that true happiness comes when you live a life with a purpose, when you rediscover yourself, your aspirations, passion and living them up. In one of the lessons, Coach Paul Ngunyi asked us to prepare a presentation on our passion. Mine was – making a difference in our society through creating awareness on non-communicable diseases. Even before SBT graduation, I am already doing it through my organization, Join Organics where I engage people on health and wellness. One of the lessons we did was on customer relations and this came in handy as I am now able to handle my clients with all the care they deserve. I am able to listen to them, empathize and offer solutions on the best products that meet their needs. I have gained loyal customers who have come back for more products and they are happy with what we are doing. Once again, I want to thank Better People Consulting for making me a better person, I have gained so much growth insights and looking forward great growth in the next three years.