My first encounter with Better People Consulting was through the Better People Club. At that time I was literally a box of questions – on life, the world, my worth and so on. When I joined the group, they were just finishing up a book and I remember how impressed I was at how everyone was contributing and sharing their different perspectives of the day ’s reading. For once in a very long time I started stepping out of my shell and of my head where I had made a permanent residence. I started reading and writing my summaries a book after another and before I knew it, I was sharing the content with friends and colleagues. The books had helped me rediscover my value and that had sparked a fire in me. I walked different, talked different, even saw myself different and so did everyone else. From there on it was an upward spiral, I joined the Self and Business Transformation class where I learnt more on who I was, my purpose and how to align that to my career. Slowly, all the questions I initially had were getting answered and the solutions were not only helping me, it was spilling over to nearly all my encounters. Only 8 months after joining the club and 1 month after graduation from the SBT Class, I was able to start
practicing my career of choice as well as my passion for coaching. I still have a few questions occasionally, but I now know how to find the answers and use that knowledge to impact others through my coaching and mentoring. I am thankful to Better People Consulting and Coach Paul Ngunyi for turning my raw self into a happy, fulfilled man, mentor and coach.