What Our Clients Say

Joining the Better People family was one of the best things that happened in my life. Listening to testimonies from Self and Business Transformation program participants on how the program had transformed their lives was quite inspirational to me as I knew that my life too needed a transformation. I did not only attend the program, I also decided to take Coaching lessons with the Coach Paul Ngunyi. I became well equipped, and I was able to step out there full of knowledge on how to run my businesses. Some of my personal goals were met even earlier than I thought, and I must attribute this to the knowledge I gained through SBT Program. If you want to take a positive shift in your life, this is the place to be.


My first encounter with Better People Consulting was through the Better People Club. At that time I was literally a box of questions – on life, the world, my worth and so on. When I joined the group, theywere just finishing up a book and I remember how impressed I was at how everyone was contributing and sharing their different perspectives of the day’s reading. For once in a very long time I started stepping out of my shell and of my head where I had made a permanent residence. I started reading and writing my summaries a book after another and before I knew it, I was sharing the content with friends and colleagues.

The books had helped me rediscover my value and that had sparked a fire in me. I walked different, talked different, even saw myself different and so did everyone else. From there on it was an upward spiral, I joined the Self and Business Transformation class where I learnt more on who I was, my purpose and how to align that to my career. Slowly, all the questions I initially had were getting answered and the solutions were not only helping me, it was spilling over to nearly all my encounters. Only 8 months after joining the club and 1 month after graduation from the SBT Class, I was able to start practicing my career of choice as well as my passion for coaching. I still have a few questions occasionally, but I now know how to find the answers and use that knowledge to impact others through my coaching and mentoring.

I am thankful to Better People Consulting and Coach Paul Ngunyi for turning my raw self into a happy, fulfilled man, mentor and coach.


I came to know Better People Consulting through attending their very insightful talks. I made a resolution to join Self and Business Transformation program after attending an SBT graduation ceremony. Before I joined the class, I felt a void in my life and age was catching up. But when I joined the class, I got to learn that true happiness comes when you live a life with a purpose, when you rediscover yourself, your aspirations, passion and living them up. In one of the lessons, Coach Paul Ngunyi asked us to prepare a presentation on our passion. Mine was – making a difference in our society through creating awareness on non-communicable diseases.

Even before SBT graduation, I am already doing it through my organization, Join Organics where I engage people on health and wellness. One of the lessons we did was on customer relations, and this came in handy as I am now able to handle my clients with all the care they deserve. I am able to listen to them, empathize and offer solutions on the best products that meet their needs. I have gained loyal customers who have come back for more products, and they are happy with what we are doing. Once again, I want to thank Better People Consulting for making me a better person, I have gained so much growth insights and looking forward great growth in the next three years.


The Self and Business Transformation Program was introduced to me by my pastor and friend at the right time I would say. I had been struggling with identity issues which had immensely affected my self-confidence. Through the lessons in the program, I got to learn and understand myself, my abilities, my passions and as a result, I got to make career decisions which was hard at first. The program truly lives up to its name. My personal life has been totally transformed. I am more optimistic, happy and


I Learnt of SBT through a music band I play with. Through the program, I have learned how to turn passion to Profit. I have gained organized knowledge that is so helpful in my passion as a musician. I have now published a music album. I recommend Self and Business Transformation to everyone that want to become better.


Better People Consulting was recommended to us by a member in a business group I am in among others. Upon meeting the Lead Consultant/Coach Paul Ngunyi, we settled on BPC for our employee training. Our employees are now so empowered and inspired. We shall continue working together to help improve productivity of our workforce.


I learned of Self and Business Transformation Program through a friend. I took up the program and I am so happy I did. I had emotional control issues that affected how I treated my customers. My customer care skills improved significantly even before I finished SBT program. My business sales have improved and I have recovered previously lost customers. I introduced my sister to the program and we are now changed people; we are now so much better. Thank you Coach for changing our lives.


I was introduced to Better People Consulting by my friend Irene. I was hesitant to pick the program but when I finally did, it turned out to be the best decision of the year. Strategic planning sounded a very complex thing to do; I am now very happy I can comfortably do my personal and work strategy. I am now much happier at personal and career perspective.


I’m very grateful to this program because it has inspired my life. I’ve learnt that you can do things in a strategic way, intentionally, and you can actually prepare to leave a good legacy for the people you leave behind. And that when you plan for your life and actually write things down, you are able to remember them and hold yourself to account. But more so, that you have to get accountability partners to hold you to account to that which you have promised to do. I also learnt that the right time is now. Whatever has passed is gone, and you can only learn about the future. I’d urge you to join this class so that you can learn things you didn’t know or even understand about yourself. I also learnt about my personality trait in a deep way; to understand what I can do and what I can’t do. And one of the things we learnt in that class is that your weaknesses should be your strengths, and your strengths should be sharpened to greater heights. And that you can actually change your career even at an older age. So, welcome to this class; it will be self-transformational.


I enrolled to SBT because I’m very passionate about self-awareness, growth, and also things to do with self-transformation and transformational leadership. The course has been very helpful to me. It has brought a new perspective to how I do things and I now have a plan on how to execute my plans. Basically, SBT is a trigger for me to tap into the potential I had not tapped into before and to become the very best I can be. So, I want to encourage everyone out there to enroll to the SBT class, and true to say, you are going to be a better person by the time you are ending this course.


I joined SBT in May of 2022 and it has been very transformative for me. I have learnt how to plan my time better and how to more purposeful with my intentions and everything that I put my mind to. This regimen is very conducive for someone who is trying o figure out what they should do with life and allow them to get to know themselves better. I’d really like to encourage my peers to definitely try the SBT regimen.


I used to be a bit careless, but I have taken good charge of my life and I’m feeling happy about it all because of this program.


Before this program, I was a different person. I could not even stand in front of people. It improved my confidence. With the program you definitely change your mind set. One of the major topics that eventually really changed my life is Receiving High Value Customers. I used to do business but it could not bring returns or maybe I’d even lose customers along the way. That has changed.


It has been a journey. I have learnt how to talk to my clients, how to prospect, and how to do sales cycle. I’m now able to understand sales more; that when I don’t sell, I don’t get any return, I don’t get paid. I would recommend this course to anyone doing sales. They will see a difference between what they do and what they are supposed to be doing. The mistakes they are making and a guidance on how to rectify them. There are physical classes and evening classes after work. It’s all about discipline and commitment. I’m a happy graduate and I know that in 5 years, I’ll have my own agency.


During the classes, I remember I used to be so naive when I am approaching my clients because there are some skills which I had not learnt. But when we were studying I really learnt a lot. I feel empowered, I feel stronger, and I feel more confident.


How I have been helped to realize what kind of a person I am and I don’t feel inadequate. I used to feel inadequate because of my personality but after going through this I feel good. I feel more energized. I have been able to network better, interact better with my friends and relatives.


The first thing I learnt is what I’m doing now; presentation, confidence and talking to people about life and work and services. I got an upper hand at work. Generally what I’ve gained from this apart from public speaking is learning about myself.


We learnt how to do things purposely, make plans of everything you handle; long-term or short-term and out of it up to now, I can make plans, I write goals. I never used to write goals, I read books. I never used to read books. I endeavor to always take an opportunity of everything when it’s about self-development.


My desires before this program were to better myself and know more about how to handle business. After the program I managed to set goals and it helped me graduate on time because I didn’t have clear goals.


I have been having this desire and this drive to be a coach and Paul has helped me align myself to be
a market readiness coach. He has helped through the 80/20 rule, knowing my personality, and also
harnessing the skills that I possess to become a better coach.


I have discovered that I am my own limit, nothing in this world should limit me. My question of what I want to change in this world were not getting answered so when I met Paul, I drove into the business fully. My personality was clashing with the business world. Once I discovered what my personality is I’m able to use it to my advantage.

Naomi Njeri

I most identify myself in the topic of the Habit of High Performance and this has really brought a big change in my business. I have learnt I can just pick a book and flip, read a little bit and get to know and have more knowledge. If it were not actually this class, I don’t think I could be the way I am.