SBT Coaching Programs

1. Coaching for the Executive

This program benefits the executives in organizational management and the team leaders that seek to unlock and transform themselves, their workforce and organizational potential to the next levels of growth and achievements.

2. Coaching for the Professional

This program benefits the individual contributor Professional that seek to develop high-performance competencies to the next level of their career.

3. Coaching for the Entrepreneur

This program benefits the Entrepreneur and the Business Owner who aspire to propel their businesses to the next level of profitability and growth.

4. Coaching for the Team

Team Synergy and High-performance coaching benefits the workforce in sharpening high-performance skills.

The workforce is a core component of business productivity. An organization is only as good as its workforce. Great workforce yields great results, while below average workforce yields poor results.

It is important then that every organization, should not only select the best workforce possible, but should also keep the workers productively engaged and well trained for best performance. Our team coaching program is aimed at providing essential high-performance skills and culture for desired productivity and in alignment with the organizational vision.

5. Coaching for Personal Growth

Coaching for personal development benefits personal growth.

Human beings are constantly looking for happiness. One however, may not be truly happy without achieving worthy goals in life. Worthy goals are purposeful and can only be set after a clear understanding of who one is and their reason for existence.

Authentic living sets you up for high-performance in life as you engage in that which truly energizes you and brings fulfilment.

In personal development coaching, we support a deliberate pursuit of clarity of purpose and the excellent execution of the found purpose with a focus and singleness of mind that results in success, greatness, and happiness.

6. Self-Paced Coaching